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Hide the royal jewels!

I'm off to England today! The last week has been simply amazing with Rochester, Toronto, Haliburton, Ottawa, Montreal, Vermont, and New Hampshire -- all sorts of adventures, I'm sure that this upcoming week will be as well!

If you're trying to contact me while I'm in England, please keep in mind that although ALL of my phone numbers WILL work, it will cost me $1.50 per minute for all incoming/outgoing calls -- please try to stick to e-mail, or keep the calls as short as you can! Also, remember the time difference! I'll be FIVE hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone.

Boston, MA USA ........ 1 617-266-7562
London, England UK .... 44 (0) 20 7993 2750
Rochester, NY USA ..... 1 585 226-1315
Ottawa, Ontario ....... 1 613 482-2086

Where will I be going in the U.K.? Visit Where's Chaz for all the details!!
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