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Rams Run, Rochester & Katrina

Leg #1 of the journey is behind me... I'm now sitting here in my office at IBM Rochester with my boots off and wet socks under my laptop to dry out (my laptop runs hot, so it's like a clothing iron!!) The weather has been very agreeable all the way up to today; but from what I hear, it's over now.

The Rams Run was GREAT, as always -- Dave, my life partner, also enjoyed himself! It was great for Dave (freebear1) to meet a lot of my friends from the Rochester area! I also took him for a quick trip through the fingerlakes region of New York State, then into Rochester for a tour of Wegman's Pittsford, an Abbot's Chocolate-Almond Frozen Custard, a "ground round" at L.D.R. Charpit in Charlotte and a drive through the city and suburbs! There were MANY of my Live Journal friends at the Rams Run, please excuse the brevity of this posting and lack of details including friends names; I'm simply not finding very much free time to update things right now...

I just got back from lunch with my manager, whom I have not seen face-to-face for 12 months! Tomorrow, I depart for Toronto in the late afternoon. Perhaps I'll meet up with Iain and his boy in Toronto? Who knows?


Sep. 1st, 2005 03:17 pm (UTC)

I miss Wegman's blueberry yogurt.

It's those odd things we all miss from Rochester, isn't it?? ;-)

I'll be in Rochester Oct 7-9 :) Well, Buffalo on the 8th for a wedding. But RIT's Brick City Blast is that weekend, so I'm gonna hit muh school. It will be fun showing Emily "mommy's school".

Enjoy yourself! I've been surprised with a few of the changes here; for example, the Stutson Street Bridge (Charlotte lift bridge) and Troup-Howell Bridge (I-490 over Genesee river) are completely gone now, replaced with nice new ones... 104 in Greece, just across the Veteran's Memorial Bridge is been remodelled, and all the houses along 104 are GONE! I didn't make it to RIT this trip... :-(

I'm not looking forward to traveling with a three year old though. UGH!

You'll do fine!!

\/ Chaz

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