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Less than 48 hours before the big bike ride!!

I never made it to "Denver Swim Club" on Sunday, I meet Scott M. at the Wrangler and spent the night with him! Such a nice man! WOOF! After waking up, in a bit of a haze (the beer bust folks ensure that you never have an empty glass!) I was in line for the U.S. Mint at Denver, but the line was moving far too slow for my liking (I waited over an hour, and only moved about a metre!) -- So I headed to Golden to take the Coors brewery tour and the The Geology Museum at the Colorado School of Mines!!

Photos from the Wrangler's beer bust, Coor's Tour, and Geology Museum can be seen by clicking here.

I rushed back to the airport to hop on my plane home -- arriving in Boston at 23:55, but not getting HOME until 02:00!! (YAWN!)

In just under 48 hours, I will be on my big bike trip to the Rams' Run, then Rochester, Toronto, Haliburton (for Labour Day), then back home to Boston for two days before leaving for london!!! Wonder why I'm feeling under the gun??

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