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Yawn! Almost done, this time for sure!

IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services, Boulder, CO

On Friday I woke up up at 5:15, got on the plane at 8:00, arrived in Denver, drove to the site and checked in at BCRS Boulder at 14:30 -- went back to my room and got an hour nap, reported for duty at 22:30 that evening, and since then (14 hours ago), I've been hacking away at this recovery. The ATL (Automatic Tape Library) jammed and messed up our timetable something bad... Three hours of "down time", and many of the restores needed to be re-run. We're on the final hours (or so we hope) of the recovery though! I guess it's a good thing I got that nap -- otherwise, I'd have been awake 33 hours straight so far!!

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