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I'm in Denver/Boulder, Colorado until Monday evening!

I'm working overnight tonight (23:00 MST - ???), then on "standby" until Sunday at 17:00 MST. I leave Denver on Monday evening at 18:35. To the best of my knowledge, I know NOBODY in this area. If I am wrong, well come out and meet me (or call me! +1 617 266-7562)

Photos from the Denver Wrangler

I will be at Denver Wrangler on Sunday, 21-AUG from about 18:00 for their Legendary Beer Bust from 4pm-8pm (with a portion of the proceeds benefitting local non-profit groups.) From there, who knows? Perhaps the Denver Swim Club?

Geeks and bar owners, take note: "Get online with our new Wi-Fi system!" The Denver Wrangler offers FREE WiFi in their bar for patrons!! This is the wave of the future!! I can surf the net and drink at the same time without using a beat-up "public" terminal that does not allow you to do anything! It's a gay geek's paradise!

I might have some time during the weekend, but until the D/R is completed -- I will not know. I will have time on Monday, and am interested in touring Denver.

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