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Take a few deep breaths to get ready...

The calm before the storm.... In a mere two days my end-of-the-summer travel blow out begins...

Denver/Boulder, CO - Boston, MA - Dresden, NY - Rochester, NY - Toronto, ON - Haliburton, ON - Boston, MA - London, UK - Paris, FR - then back home to Boston, MA.

After the 30 day, 19-August-2005 thru 19-September-2005 month of travels, I'll need it! As you can see in Where's Chaz? -- there are a LOT of "green (available) weekends" this fall/winter!

Of course, all my travel plans are available at the Where's Chaz? online webpage (I no longer mail them to people, as so many spam filters trap some of the words or URLs) I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of old and new friends over the next 30 days!

Thanks to everyone for their travel suggestions!! Now I'll need to set up a fund to finance my next series of travels in 2006! ;-)

Future travel ideas??? Return to Sint Maarten (FWI/DWI) perhaps with a group?, Amsterdam, Germany, and perhaps a trip to Hawaii with my buddy Brian B. from California! (He's practically a native there!)

History of today's music/song: Men Without Hats - O Sole Mio is from Men Without Hats' premier album, Pop Goes The World; of which, the title track, Pop Goes The World, was the only hit off that album (that I know of.) I was turned on to Men Without Hats by Brian Martin, a very close friend who was within the first couple dozen of close friends that had succumbed to AIDS early on. In his last few years of life, he travelled the globe while his health remained somewhat good. His biggest obsticle was that over the past ten years of his life, he was progressively losing his eyesight. In the last two years he was alive, he was completely blind. He is one of the motivating forces in my life that fuels my desire to travel.

A review of Pop Goes The World by Chris D. (NJ) - See all my reviews

When my spirits are low, this is one of the albums I reach for - cheerful, upbeat and brimming with joy and optimism, but without becoming saccharine...not that I have to be depressed to enjoy a listen. There is a bit less emphasis on synthesizers on this album than on "Rhythm Of Youth" and "Folk Of The 80's", and the production is much much cleaner - excellent, in fact. This is MWH at their best. There are no weak tracks (not counting the minute long interludes). "O Sole Mio," "In The Name Of Angels" and "Jenny Wore Black" are superb songs in the same mold as the title track, "Moonbeam" and "Walk On Water" are faster songs, and "On Tuesday," "Lose My Way" and "The End (Of The World)" are mellower, more lush tracks. Add them all up and you have an extremely solid and consistently enjoyable album, which really deserved more attention than it got. For cheerfulness, it is only topped by Book Of Love's "Candy Carol" (which admittedly can be a bit cloying at times), but for craftmanship and sheer enjoyment there are few albums that can come close to this one. It's easily worth the high import price. Whether you like 80's music or just brilliant, upbeat pop, "Pop Goes The World" is a must-have.

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