Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Gearing up for London and Paris!

I am currently developing my travel plans for my European Vacation with Dave Pike (who is my guide and host for this trip) -- below is my schedule (a work in progress.) If you are in the London area and would like to meet me (please say yes!), ONE thing I have locked in on my schedule at this time is going to the Club "X.X.L." at 21:00 (9PM GMT.)

Also, my international telephone arrived today; therefore, if in London, you can ring me at 02079 932750 (yes, my regular number) while I am travelling -- please keep the calls short, as it costs a bit to place/receive calls with my portable phone. While stateside, incoming calls are FREE to me -- so don't hesitate to ring me now -- just mind the time difference (-5 hours GMT) -- my window for receiving calls is 8am EST - 9pm EST (13:00 GMT - 02:00 GMT.)

I am really looking forward to meeting up with my online friends, as well as folks I've met before too! Let's do plan on seeing/meeting! My schedule is very loose right now (see below), but will be filling up more and more over the next few weeks.

Interested in going to Paris? I'm planning a jaunt there on the 16th & 17th!

07-SEP 08-SEP |London, UK + Overnight travel from Boston, MA to London, UK
08-SEP 08-SEP |London, UK Touring London / Getting Acquainted
09-SEP 09-SEP |London, UK Meeting up with Dave Pike and all / Perhaps going out to the Hoist?
10-SEP 10-SEP |London, UK
11-SEP 11-SEP |????????
12-SEP 12-SEP |Nottingham, UK Hanging out with Dave Pike
13-SEP 14-SEP |York, UK Touring York
16-SEP 17-SEP |Paris, France Touring Paris
18-SEP 18-SEP |London, UK Meeting up with David Cornell
07-SEP 19-SEP |London, UK + Chaz' European Vacation!
19-SEP 19-SEP |Boston, MA Daytime travel from London, UK to Boston, MA

For my latest whereabouts, please visit this website:

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