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Walks on the beach and Steven Tyler!

Last night, after Dave and my work days had ended, we decided to go to Nantasket Beach for a swim and a stroll following a romantic dinner at Papa Gino's Pizza/D'Angelos Subs. Although the Atlantic was chilly, we went in about knee deep, then enjoyed the sunsetting as we walked along the beach... *SIGH* What a nice evening, and the first of many with Dave officially being my life partner -- yes, sorry guys -- I am now officially off the market (but still available to play from time to time!)

After dinner and the beach, we stopped at the Dairy Queen on 3A for sundaes, when who should happen to stop out for a late night sweet? None other than the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler! The girls working the Dairy Queen were all giddy! Now if I could have planned him to be there and serenade my love... Oh well, it was then back home we went to have some fun and watch another Dr. Who episode!

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