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The Boston Bears in New York City!

I know that I was in quite a funk about only getting a handful of people to take advantage of last weekend's trip (heck, I didn't even put blog entries out there for the last N.E.M.O. party, nor my latest circumcision adventure!), and was VERY concerned that I would have lost quite a bit of my own money for "fronting" the reservations at the hostel; but all worked out VERY well both financially for me and the group, as well as for the people that attended the event!

On Friday, we all arrived (at different times, due to work schedules) and met up at The Dugout and were greeted VERY warmly by the Metrobears! They even made BOSTON BAKED BEANS to accompany their FREE B.B.Q. in honour of the Boston Bears! (How sweet!) Many folks I've known for years were there (I tend to go to New York often and support Metrobear events, Bear Cafe and am looking forward to attending upcoming Gotham City Bears events as well!)

Following Fresh Meat night at the Dugout, most of us went to Ty's (just up the street) and hung out 'till just about 4am (last call!) After crashing and sleeping in a bit, we all went in our own directions -- some joined Dave, Mark and I to have a late Brunch at Katz's Deli on Houston Street, then split up -- three of us went to Cony Island to ride the Comet and Wonder Wheel, Fred went to the Museum of Modern Art, I don't know what Phil or Marco did! We had arranged to meet up at 6:00pm at the Hostel to go to dinner.

Saturday night we started with a GREAT Italian dinner in the West Village -- the only difficult thing was finding somewhere that could SEAT seven people! From dinner, we began our "pub crawl" up Christopher Street -- the walk consisted at stops at Duplex, Boots & Saddle, The Hangar, Ty's and the Dugout. After the Dugout, we met at The Eagle (28th Street) for some fun!

Sunday morning, we met at Manatus Restaurant on Bleeker St. (just north of Christopher St) for Brunch [mental note to self: Next time, schedule Brunch for NOON, not 11 o'clock!], then it was over to the East Village for some shopping, a pint at McSorley's Old Ale House, located at 15 E 7th St (off of 3rd Ave) -- the oldest pub in Manhattan, then over to The East Village Cheese Shop, located at 40 3rd Ave between 9th and 10th Streets to buy some inexpensive imported cheeses! We swung by the West Village again for "Liquid Brunch" at Pieces Bar (8 Christopher St) [mental note to self: Pieces opens at 14:00 on Sundays, not Noon!] -- after a few $4 Long Island Iced Teas, we all headed to Battery Park and a ferry ride to Ellis Island for a quick one-hour tour... Then is was back Boston...

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend -- full of activity and friends!

See photos from the event here...

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