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Phew -- 2165km (1345 miles) behind me!

I left town on Wednesday evening -- with a quick trip to Andersen Cycle Works in Framingham, MA (for a quickie oil change) -- I was on the road by 7pm! I made it to Al & Dan's about 2:00am Thursday morning. I worked from there on Thursday, then drove up to Rochester to see my parents for dinner, as well as my good buddy, Bruce M. who just bought a new house! Then back to Hemlock, NY to crash for the evening... It would be a long ride the next day!

After quite a few miles in the RAIN, then the blazing sun, I arrived at the Unicorn, M.C. Run Site in Southington, OH about 4pm. We set up our tents and tried to keep cool. This was my last time at this run site, simply due to the distance and comfort level -- by day it's blazing hot and the pond we used to cool off in is now unswimmable due to the filth in it -- if the Unicorn's find a new site, great! I'll be back -- but once again, the heat is unbearable -- heck, I could even put up with the heavy rain we got last year better!

The run itself went well -- the Rochester Rams did the Friday evening cocktail party, I think they were "kamikazes", but I wasn't quite sure. Every paid entrant and upon arrival, received: Registration packet, run mug, run pin, t-shirt, all meals, snacks and beverages. There was a bike run for the motorcyclists and their buddies, many play parties, cocktail parties and other activities (including the second-ever blowjob contest at our campsite!) Gary won -- go figure!

"Horny Unicorns" cocktails were served during the registration period, and were on hand 'till supplies run out, or people passed out, which ever came first. The Unicorn Run is famous for its food and the menu this year included: Friday dinner consisted of "cook-your-own" kielbasa, pierogies, salad. Saturday breakfast offered scrambled eggs, french toast, canadian bacon, and tater tots. For lunch there were 1/4# hamburgers or 1/4# Hot Dogs, Rocky Mountain potato salad (The bikers, who were out and about, ate on the road.) In the evening it was time for "The Great Unicorn Steak Roast" (cook your own steak) with corn on the cob, Unicorn salad, wine, dessert and coffee. Still hungry? Sunday morning breakfast had blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, tater tots, and canadian bacon. You don't starve at a Unicorn Run, you're just too hot to be hungry! ;-)

Before the "The Great Unicorn Steak Roast", Johnny, Albert, Dan and I brought back "The Garage" cocktail party for one more round... We served antifreeze punch and killer shots such as "windshield-washer fluid", and "transmission 'fluip'" (ask Albert!) As usual, several people neeed, and were given "AA" 12-step pamphlets on where they could go for treatment following our cocktail party! All evening through dinner and beyond, we kept hearing people saying things such as "I'm STILL trying to sober up!!!"

Well, I ended up getting a head start on Sunday -- it looked like rain, and I had a LONG way to get home! 17 1/2 hours to be exact (with a two hour layover at the Seneca Allegany casino and a real shower at Al & Dan's!) I got home at 2:05am this morning... Photos from the weekend are now online here!

This coming weekend, it's a N.E.M.O. party at Salt Ash Inn (Motorcycle Weekend) as well as my 39th birthday! So, I've got a lot to plan for still!!

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