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Dr. Who & Weekend Stuff

We had great weather in Boston last weekend! Some of my friends back west complained that their gay pride celebration was destroyed by lightening and rain storms! It blew out the hydro for blocks in the area where there was to be a huge party... Here; however, was great!

Revere Beach - Revere, MA

I spent Friday at the cinema (I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the Boston Bears), on Saturday, I went to a neighbourhood festival in Cambridge (Davis Square) with Dave and Mark, followed by swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at Revere beach. We then picked up some nice steaks at Hilltop Steakhouse & Butcher Shop to grill at home for a nice dinner!

The NEW Dr. Who and his companion, Rose.

On Sunday I went tooling around on my motorcycle with Dave and the evening we watched some of the NEW Doctor Who episodes! (I'm a HUGE Dr. Who fan, and am so excited that it's back on the air!!!!) After editing and checking the quality of the episodes, I will put links here in my BLOG for you to download them if you like!

Sadly, although I love Christopher Eccleston playing the role of the 9th Doctor, David Tennant will replace him after only a SINGLE season!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Meet the new Doctor in Doctor Who Magazine

A history of actors playing The Doctor...

01 - William Hartnell 1963-1966
02 - Patrick Troughton 1966-1969
03 - Jon Pertwee 1970-1974
04 - Tom Baker 1974-1981
05 - Peter Davison 1982-1984
06 - Colin Baker 1984-1986
07 - Sylvester McCoy 1986-1989
08 - Paul McGann 1996-1996 (For the FOX movie only)
09 - Christopher Eccleston 2005-2005
10 - David Tennant 2006-????
11 - ???
12 - ???
13 - ??? (Last regeneration!)

Of course, there was lots of sex too!! ;-)

Last night, Tuesday night, I went to Dave's in New Hampshire for the evening -- we drove up to the Maine border to several outlet stores, including Russell Stover's (chocolates!!!) and Yummies, a huge candy store! I came back home with about 5kg of candy -- I think it will last a while!

We then went for a romantic dinner and a walk on Ogunquit Beach in Maine. We also checked out the "gay nightlife" in Ogunquit that people have been raving about on the Boston Bears' Yahoo Group -- I really didn't find anything great to write about... Three bars, all quite boring, and in the ones that were not empty were (shudder) breeders!! Eeeks!

Now I find myself in a quandary -- leave for Rochester tonight and work from there tomorrow; or leave tomorrow night and risk thundershowers?? In any case, it's the Unicorn, M.C. Campout this weekend, something I go to just about every year. Honestly, I think this will be my last year going to this event. Considering the ONLY source to cool off is a pond that has gone unmaintained for the past 20 years and is now affectionately known as "Lake Cappuccino" due to it's frothy tan colour, and considering that the fewer and fewer people that still continue to go are becoming more and more "whiny" about the weather and other things, it's just not enjoyable anymore.

I am also trying to figure out my timetable while in London in September... Lots to see and do! My schedule is very empty for the moment.

Oh well, anyways -- I'll post when I return...
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