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Destination: Rochester, NY

Okay, well close to Rochester... Hemlock, NY to be exact! It's going to be an interesting weekend. Two of my ex-lovers will be there, Alex from Ottawa and Johnny from Rochester, as will be many of my playmates from the New England area! Frank S. from Nepean, Ontario will be coming down, as will four members of the Rochester Rams, M.C.! I am very sad that Alex's new boyfriend, Andy won't be coming this weekend -- we seemed to have developed a common bond with just the long weekend trip I made to Ottawa earlier this year. I'm slated to take the motorcycle there, but am searching the airlines for last-minute deals (just in case!) The weather looks "iffy" -- but I'll chance it on the bike before taking the auto!

It's "hump day" and I'm playing catch-up on a number of projects -- both work and personal. On the personal side, it's just over 60 days away from my European Vacation, which has be slightly concerned, as I don't have all my plans for the trip quite ready. My host, Dave P. (yes, that's the guy that was my "mentor" during my circumcision) lives in Nottingham, England (which is a trek from London) -- there are many people that I'd like to meet up with in England as well as many things I'd like to see and do! But I have not been putting a lot of concentration on it yet. I think it's time for me to focus on this some more! I don't know my way around London, and I won't have a cell phone while there! This makes me nervous. On the ajenda is side trips to Paris and Amsterdam.

Warning: Penis photo ahead!

Last night, Dave and I flew kites down on Wolleston Beach -- this was the first time this year I've gotten the kites out -- I'm still bummed about losing my Hoppy Kite (photo on the right) over the Atlantic last year! I still have three fighers I got from Pierre G. (raccoon_it) and flew two of them last night! It's about time for me to go to and buy some more supplies though! After flying, we went for dinner at my favourite local Thai place -- Little Duck. We had a great time -- but you know it's love when you feel lonely and empty the next day, knowing that you won't see each other for another 48 hours.

It's been a while since I've had a "penis post", so just to let everyone know: It's working GREAT! There are a couple minor things that still need "tweaking" (which is to be expected when you go for such a custom job, as I did), which will be addressed in December or January by Dr. Cornell. I'm proud to say that a number of recent "fence sitters" have made up their minds to go through with their circumcisions with Dr. Cornell! Even though I'm so busy, I always make time to answer their questions and concerns! I also posted new photos up to the AC&R Yahoo Group, in the Chaz (Boston, MA) folder in the PHOTOS section.

Quotable: "If your penis measures ten inches or more in circumference, you know life is tough. You search the Internet for help but all you find is a bunch of men complaining that their penises are too small. Nobody gives a damn about your problems. Nobody cares that every day you become more depressed because none of the guys so far has been able to take your size. Hell, you would even be happy with a simple blowjob but you haven't found someone that can take your knob in his mouth. The last one that tried had to go to the hospital to fix his dislocated jaw. Nobody cares that all you can get is a hand job and not even a good one, because both his hands together hardly reach around your shaft. Even masturbating is a labor. Keeping an erection for too long makes you dizzy. Other men love seeing your penis but only because you are a freak show to them. You would do everything you can to shrink your penis, even if it would require taking hormone pills that grow you bitch-tits, but you know there is nothing you can do. You hate walking around the town because there is no way you can hide your ridiculously big bulge. You have gone swimming only once in your adult life, vowing never to return after you scared those screaming people out of the pool. But when you think back about it, you realize it is better that way. It takes you too long putting on those swimming trunks anyway, obligated to reinforce them with straps around your waist so that the weight of your penis doesn't pull them down. No, nature hasn't been easy on you."

If you suffer from these problems, bwe sure to check out (LPSG.ORG)

"Where's Chaz?" is online!! -- wondering where that quarterly e-mail that tells you where I'm going and what I'm doing is??? It's now online! It's easier to update on a regular basis that way, plus, people that don't appreciate getting the listing every three months won't be bothered anymore! There's a link to it from my personal BLOG (live journal) on the left (note: you will NOT see this if you are viewing my journal from your "friends" list.

Cat got yer tongue? None of my LJ friends have comments on my past four postings! How unusual! I guess everyone's busy themselves!

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