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Better late than never!

My 19:20 departure from Boston to Chicago was delayed by two hours due to bad weather. Reports say it will be bad weather ALL weekend in Boston; Chicago is not too much better; but we ARE getting occasional sun!

I arrived last night and almost immediately went to bed. It was late, I was tired. The flight was quick, but the "L" (Chicago Subway) was running slow due to weeknight construction. Tonight I get to meet David Martin, the founder of circlist -- someone that I have run across online several times for the past 23 years (going back to the 300 baud days of "Studs BBS" in San Francisco, CA!)

Being the nerd I am, I helped the Hostel where I'm staying get their WiFi running and shared a whole bunch of music with a guy from Europe! Speaking of nerds....

Humour Corner...

Thanks to loxie for sending this to me... Do NOT click this if you are a TRUE STAR WARS FAN, you WILL be offended! Making fun of Star Wars

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