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Victoria Day Weekend!

What the HELL is Victoria Day?, and why was it a day off for me?

For those of you that KNOW me, I have been a Canadaphile for most of my adult life, since my first trip to Toronto (before the C.N. Tower was built!) Half of my lovers have lived in Canada (eight years of relationships.) I even lived in Toronto and Ottawa for short spells (more so Ottawa, of course, where Alex and I used to create a whole lot of trouble!) When I joined the Rochester Rams, M.C., I brought back the tradition of CanAm Weekend, where a Canadian leather club was welcomed to Rochester for the long weekend (for free) and allowed to host a barnight at The Bachelour Forum bar. We end the weekend with a Sunday B.B.Q. and Monday farewell brunch. [Note: The Rams recently renamed Can/Am Weekend to "Northern Exposure Weekend"] Since I can pick and choose my days off (personal choice holidays) in addition to the corporate "mandatory holidays", Victoria Day is always one of them! Normally I join the Rams and the Canadian club in Rochester, but this year, Dr. David was coming to Boston on that weekend -- so my plans changed... I heard that CanAm Weekend was QUITE entertaining (especially at Al & Dan's B.B.Q. Party!) [tee hee hee]

Except for the lousy weather, I've had a very enjoyable weekend! Friday afternoon, Dr. David Cornell (yes, the man who circumcised me earlier this year) flew into town for a long weekend visit. I picked him up at Logan and whisked him to the Sheraton... after checking in, we walked down to The Ramrod for a couple of afternoon cocktails and a rear view of Fenway Park. I dropped him off at his hotel and continued to The Alley for Boston Bears' Happy Hour. (I had provided him walking directions there so we could meet up later.) About 7 o'clock, he showed up and after meeting a few of my friends, we went over to Durgin Park (one of my favourite haunts, and oldest restaurants in Boston for dinner.) Back to The Alley for some more fun, and then we called it a night.

Saturday after David had completed his morning workout and a few consultation appointments, I drove through crazy traffic (there were five graduations going on this weekend) and picked him up and brought him to The Four's (in Quincy) for lunch. We then went to the JFK Library & Museum for the afternoon. I got him back to his hotel for his 4 o'clock appointment, then he was going to the Red Sox vs Braves game. He was to meet me later at The Alley, but thanks to Legal Seafood's super-slow service we scrubbed those plans.

(note: "David" is Dr. David, "Dave" is my mate "Dave from N.H.") Sunday morning, Dave and I got up far too early for a weekend (5 o'clock) and took the motorcycle to breakfast at Bickfords (a local restaurant chain) -- after breakfast, Dave had errands to run -- I opted to take a nap. I did some weekend house-keeping and watched the Braves/Sox game on the tele. Dr. David called about 4:30 (he left the ball game early) to make plans for dinner, Dave called 10 minutes later! (Good timing guys!) I decided to give Dr. David a taste of an authentic seafood restaurant and took both David and Dave to dinner at The Barking Crab in Southie (South Boston) -- although the ambiance is quite low key and the live "entertainment" sucked, the food, as always, was great!

Following dinner, we did a bit of bar hopping. The Alley, Paradise (Cambridge) and then the Ramrod. All of the bars were slower than normal for a Sunday night. The worst being Paradise, which was just a dive. There USED to be strippers on Sunday nights -- not on THIS Sunday. Sigh.

Monday David and I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and I took him to Logan for his return flight... all in all, it was a great weekend with friends, food and fun!

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