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Here we go again!!! Road trip!

This week was an interesting one -- I have been a but overworked (several people are out, and I'm helping fill in), and in addition, my regular stuff has been going on! Major accomplishments for this week:

  • Last night The Pinheads, our bowling team, WON the championship! WOW! This is the closest sporting activity I've ever been involved with that's come in number one!

  • This morning, the last of my older music CDs have been turned into MP3s (this was a long, ongoing project!) I've also even changed the way the filenames are created, so they now list "artist","album title","track number","song title" (for example: The Beatles - 1967-1970 - 14 - The Long And Winding Road.mp3) This makes it so albums get grouped together and the songs play in the intended order! Although this may be trivial to others, it's a big step for me!

  • I have finalized the I.C.S. (International Circumsexual Symposium) gathering! Contracts are signed, reservations are being made, speakers and demonstrators are queuing up!! As I have said before, this is the first time I have ever hosted an event, such as this, without the help of many other people!! I'm nervous about the success of the event, yet calmly content in knowing that whatever comes, I can handle it!

    Tonight, it's off to Salt Ash Inn in Plymouth, VT on the Motorcycle (the first long distance trip on the bike this year!) We're hosting yet another N.E.M.O. Party this weekend! It will be the first opportunity that my new cock has had with a group of men. I want no repeats of the LAST time with friction burns!!

    The weather for the trip home looks dodgy... Wish me luck, warmth and sun on Sunday!!

    Just look how well my penis is healing! (Just joking! That is not me!!!)
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