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The web page is UGLY, but what the hell!?!?

I chatted with Dr. David last night for a while and really am getting psyched for the upcoming I.C.S. (International Circumsexual Symposium) that I am planning with other folks in Washington, D.C. in July. I have been discussing the group/room rates with our host hotel, Jurys Washington Hotel, which is a four-star hotel located right on Dupont Circle!!

I set up a webpage to be able to have a single point of reference (, so people can begin to reserve their rooms and find out what the schedule will be, etc., etc. -- this is the first full-weekend event that I am planning on my own without the help of a club!! It makes me kind of nervous, yet excited!

I will polish up the website (which is UGLY) soon, but until then, hey, it's there at least!
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