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Just checking in...

I crammed all of my BLOG entries through a Regressive Imagery Analysis engine to determine:
Top 3 Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for mc4bbs's journal
Compared to: Same Age Group
What does this mean?

Pretty cool, eh? I guess I'm pretty diverse!

As if I didn't have ENOUGH to do, I started yet ANOTHER Yahoo Group today... Boston Gay Bikers -- I created the group, as the Boston Riders, M.C. don't seem to do anything around here, and there was a good response from the "Biker Men 4 Men" group from my posting about going on bike (motorcycle) rides in the Boston area... This group will be a very small group and easy to manage (I hope!)

Pecker Update: Today was the day I removed the compression bandage and was to replace the steri-strips. The lower half of the wound is still open, but the upper half (where the PA was) is granulating nicely.

I am currently NOT urinating out of the PA hole (except for a few droplets)!! I'm very excited about this!

The lower half of the underside of my penis is very red and raw, so I opted against applying new steri-strips at this time and placed sterile 2" square gauze sponges over the wound (for drainage and comfort) and then wrapped in loose gauze. Obviously, the lower half is not knitting, so I am going to allow it to granulate... I am slightly nervous about the aesthetics of the outcome; although I'm sure that it will be fine! :-)

I reviewed my photos from the first circumcision, and it looked like this too! So, I'm not too nervous -- just a little... Looking for MY photos? E-mail me if you want the link!

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