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Happy Hour / Daddy's Night

My friend, and owner of Salt Ash Inn, Jon P. is staying with me this weekend. He's a great guy! I met up with him at The Alley for Boston Bears' Happy Hour, and then stayed until Daddy's Night was underway. We only stayed out until about 11 PM and then came home. It was a very enjoyable time! We also brought home another friend, Victor, and had a little bit of fun (Jon and Victor had most of the fun, considering my condition.)

Pecker update: I picked up sterile gauze, cobin and some transpore surgical tape at the chemist. I applied new steri-strips, then fashioned a NEW style of compression bandage with transpore tape, which does not have the elasticity as cobin does. I then sat down and sent the following note to Dr. Cornell:

Last night I went to bed after applying three steri-strips over the wound, about two hours later I had an unbearable painful erection (thank God for the amyl capsule on my nightstand!) -- The steri-strips didn't last a nocturnal erection, and the wound, which was knitting closed was opening back up from the erection, and I could feel it tearing open.

Today, I cleaned the underside, applied five steri-strips all the way around, applied several wrappings of sterile gauze, and then a layer of Transpore (a waterproof, yet breathing outer wrapping) to create a different kind of compression bandage for the purpose of keeping the wound together. (Completed photos are attached.)

Now knowing that there is knitting action taking place, when encouraged, do you have any other suggestions or comments as to this route of care? If I leave it open and exposed, it hurts like hell. I do have some Ethibond Excel, Ethicon, nylon and silk sutures here -- but they are all standard sizes and I really have serious reservations about suturing myself.

I'm sorry to be such a difficult patient.

As any good doctor would, he replied promptly with:

Do not try to suture it. I really think it will be fine. Just keep doing the wound care you are doing. You heal really well, and I honestly do not think this will prove to be any exception.

So, I am in a new bandage, and last night was not bad!! The pulling/tearing feeling I had Thursday night did not return; and it feels as if things are healing closed. I am NOT about to look at this point! I will remove the bandage in 4-5 more days and check in on it. Until then, I will allow nature to take its course!

Once healed up, I will most likely put my Prince Albert ring back into place, as it is the only thing that allows me to piss somewhat straight! Depending on the outcome of this healing process in the next 9 months, I will consider possibly trying to close up the PA hole once again or not...

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