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The Bandage & Catheter are off!!

Following the disaster recovery test, which was successful, I visited relatives in the Suffern, NY area, then trekked down to Newark and checked into a cheaper hotel near the airport. I took a nap and then got the shuttle to the airport, took the AirTrain to NJ Transit and caught a train to Penn Station, NYC. I had a nice dinner with my buddy Skip B. (ECMC) and his new lover. Then I returned to the hotel and crashed.

The next day I spent 6 hours in the Newark Airport on my laptop doing work and chatting with friends, as the check-out time, and my (delayed) departure time from EWR had a huge gap. When I planned this trip, it was last-minute -- I messed up the times pretty badly...

When I got home, last night, 21 April, I happily removed my catheter (about 7 hours early) and began to unwrap my compression bandage. I was anxious to see the new results. Ouch -- the dried-blood soaked gauze were stuck to my penis, I had to soak to allow it to be removed.

Major sadness.... The PA (Prince Albert piercing hole) was just as it was before -- completely open and after my first piss, I discovered I was still pissing "backwards" onto my balls. :-( Also, the frenular area was wide open as if the sutures were never there to begin with. I was in tears over this. It looked so damn good when we wrapped it up two weeks ago, and I didn't do anything strenuous or risky with my cock for the past 2 weeks. I couldn't understand why it didn't work. On a good note, the left dorsal side looked GREAT from the re-work.

I took some photos and e-mailed them to the doctor; moments later he called me and we discussed the situation. He was sorry that the PA didn't close up, we both feel that the external tissue inside and around the piercing are non-viable for healing and further steps need to be made to close it up. It's quite a challenge. We discussed other possible options -- but I have had enough surgery for the year as far as I am concerned! Maybe next year when it's winter again.

As for the underside, he feels that it will heal very nicely, although it looks like shit right now. I went back to my photos from the last recovery and compared the two. They looked strikingly alike. I know what the area looked like when that healed last time; therefore I discussed using steri-strips to close the open wound and try to encourage the two folds to knit (heal) together. He doesn't think it will make a difference; but said it wouldn't hurt trying. So I steri-stripped it and went to bed.

I woke up at 2:00am with a raging hardon that hurt like crazy! The area obviously had knitted somewhat in the short time between midnight and 2AM and was ripping apart from the nocturnal erection. I quickly popped an Amyl Nitrate capsule and inhaled it, trying to get the erection to go down. Once under control, I grabbed an ace bandage and wrapped my entire cock to apply lateral pressure (like the compression bandage did) to prevent the tearing from spontaneous erections. Even with the bandage, I was awakened again at 3am, 3:30am, 4am, 5:30am, 6am and 7am. It was a rough night. I am out of cobin (stronger than an ace bandage) and will pop down to the chemist to get some today and I will steri-strip the wound as best as I can (I need to ensure the alignment is proper!) and then re-wrap a compression bandage on my penis for the next week; hoping that all is not lost.

In any case, I know that it will heal, but I think it will be another 10-17 days before I can use it for anything other than pissing. :-(

Wish me luck! I really don't want to go through the whole ordeal of getting re-circed again so soon.

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