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STOP #8: Atlanta, GA - April 7th, 2005

I touched down in Atlanta, GA two hours late, due to hail at the Hartsfield International Airport (ATL) and was to meet up with several guys that evening at The Atlanta Eagle. I zipped from the airport and checked into the bed & breakfast that I always stay at in Atlanta, just 2 blocks up the street from The Eagle. I made it to the Eagle by 23:00, but none of my friends made it there... I met some new guys from another local leather/levi club and had a bit of fun! That evening would be the last time I could play with someone sexually for a while, as on April 8th, I was to be re-circumcised to fix the PA hole and the locations where stitches popped out from the first circ. The back room at The Eagle was hopping and I enjoyed myself quite a bit!

The next morning, after nursing a mild hangover, I called to confirm my appointment with Dr. Cornell and hung out at the B&B on my laptop with WiFi connection awaiting my appointment time... I had lunch, then took MARTA to the Medical Centre and met up with Dr. Cornell. This second procedure only took about an hour, and due to the Prince Albert piercing, we decided to use a cather to prevent the complications we had last time with the sutures dissolving. I went back to the B&B, a little bit sore and walking funny (mostly due to the Foley Catheter) that I was wearing. I took a pain pill, to help prevent bladder spasms and took a nap.

A few hours later, I was back out at the Atlanta Eagle and in good spirits, although I could not play around exually. I stayed out to last call and had a very good time with a lot of folks, I was showing off a Gomco Clamp that I had worn out on my belt to many interested people!

I departed in the mid-afternoon on Delta and returned to Boston. I had no problems taking the MBTA back home, although the catheter was a royal pain in the butt! For the next 14 days, I would be in a compression bandage and this catheter... sigh.

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