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STOP #7: Plymouth, Vermont

It was March 30th, the (real) second anniversary of the Boston Bears -- I had just arrived home the evening prior from California, and was having a rough time getting used to the time change; yet I went into the office and cranked out a very full day of work! That evening, both my friend Joe S. from North Carolina (yes, that's the Joe that took all of my circumcision photos) and a new friend, Randy E. from Albuquerque, New Mexico were both coming into town for the upcoming April 1st - 3rd Men's Play Party at Salt Ash Inn in Vermont. This was to by my first party since the clip, and one week before my re-clip. I was looking forward to showing off my "new" equipment to the guys that hadn't seen me since December 10th - 12th!

Every one of the NEMO parties gets better than the last! On this recent trip, Joe and I managed to use my Gomco Clamp on about half a dozen guys! Plus there was "red & yellow hankie" activity galore! Ken V. had a good time and was the centre of a fisting chain of four or five people, including me! My uncut buddy, John F. wasn't going to come that weekend!! I was devastated, so we called him and convinced him to come, provided I would sound him, which of course I agreed to! John had a new boyfriend/boy, also named John (how confusing can that be!?!?) Little John was a cub in the traditional sense of the word! WOOF! And Big John was a Daddy Bear! They made a cute couple! The three of us spent the night together Saturday; bring the only circumcised guy in the bed, being "checked out" was an odd, yet enjoyable feeling! (There are a LOT of stories from the NEMO weekend, but I'm not going to get into it all here! You'll just have to come to one yourself and find out! If you know me personally, ask me about "Goat Boy" next time you see me!)

We returned home on Sunday, April 1st; following a tour of where my buddy Joe S. used to work and live when he lived in Massachusetts. The next morning, my visiting nurse checked me out (yes, this is still the MRSA spot on my back!) and declared me to be healed!!) Joe headed back in his car to North Carolina, dropping me off at South Shore Motorsports to pick up my motorcycle from cold storage!! I was so excited; I needed a fix!!! I gave Randy, who wasn't leaving until the early afternoon, a quick ride around Quincy on my bike, before taking him to the airport... Just in time for me to catch up on work again, and re-pack to go to STOP #8: Atlanta, GA where I was to meet the the esteemed Dr. David Cornell once again.

to be continued ...


Apr. 18th, 2005 01:27 pm (UTC)
W/S & Gomcos, oh my!
Sounds totally fucking hot! And there was WS activity! Tell us about that! PLEASE!

Check out our online group at http://ne-mens-orgies.com where there are photos of our parties! I need to re-upload the photos from October 2004, where we took a LOT of W/S pix! (Not saying there aren't quite a few in April 2005's folder!)

Just what do you use a Gomco clamp for? I know it might sound silly... I am not a virgin, believe me! But I am not sure...

A gomco clamp is a surgical tool for circumcising people. If need not be used "all the way" (resulting in a circumcision) to have fun with! Check out the link in the original posting.

The sounding looks hot. I have one I like but sometimes it really BURNS the first time I piss afterwards, even the second. Any advise to avoid that?

1) Be sure your equipment is completely sterile! 2) be sure to use plenty of sterile lubricant on the sound, and 3) do not try to "rush" up to the next size bigger, until you are ready for it! It's not a race! It's all about enjoying it! Still, some people will still feel this way the first few times they are sounded, until their body gets accustom to the feeling.

- Chaz

Apr. 18th, 2005 01:30 pm (UTC)
Re: W/S & Gomcos, oh my!
Thanks for the quick reply! I am in NO rush to get a bigger sound. I am not into it personally to get a bigger urethra. I just like the feeling...! But not the burning feeling! Any lubes you recommend then?
Apr. 18th, 2005 01:44 pm (UTC)
Re: W/S & Gomcos, oh my!

Simple J&J K.Y. jelly works great!

Avoid ALL nonox-9 products!!

Check out this:

Sterile SURGI-Lube Packets $18.00/144 packets

At the bottom of this page: http://rainbowrope.com/sounds.html

- Chaz

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