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STOP #5: March 27th - Bakersfield (area), CA

After two glorious days in Phoenix (it was nice not to have to switch hotels for a day!), our goal on Sunday was to locate natural hot springs for a soak on the way home to Oakland. Computer access was very limited, so we were using a hot springs book from the 70s!! Therefore, without current information, we were on a wild goose chase!! At least along the way I got to introduce Brian into the joys of tea-room sex along highway 40 through the Mojave National Preserve, there were rest stops with old-fashioned glory holes!

After driving many, many hours, we ended up in a small town just north of Bakersfield, CA, where a friend of Brian lived. We crashed there for the night.

San Francisco at night... what a sight!

STOP #6: San Francisco, CA. The next day we returned to Oakland, unpacked the car, showered, changed and went across the bridge into San Francisco! I hadn't been in San Fran in 16 years! Our first stop was Lone Star Saloon, which was a NEW bar when I was there last time! I provided the bar with a Boston Bears' club patch for the trophy case! After some cruising, and a few cocktails, it was off to "The Edge Bar" in the Castro! This was known to be a "leatherman's bar", yet when I walked in in full leather, I got serious looks from the small crowd that was there; I don't think they had seen a real leatherman in there in quite some time; let alone on slow Easter Monday. After our stop there, it was up the hill to the overlook where you can see the entire city shimmering from the Golden Gate Bridge to the TransAmerica building and more... *sigh* San Francisco isn't what it used to be, but it's still pretty at night!

The next day, I returned home to Boston in time to unpack, do laundry and repack once again for STOP #7, Plymouth, Vermont.

to be continued...

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