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Second Circumcision in less than 90 Days? Well... Kinda!

I am back home in Boston, MA following my follow-up appointment with Dr. David Cornell!

My re-circ/touch-ups went flawlessly. I was only there for about an hour, Dr. David neatened up the frenulum site by excising more tissue, making in tighter, and then suturing all the way up to, and including the former Prince Albert piercing hole. He also cut open the left dorsal side of the circ where I had that little wrinkle (twist) of skin from where I popped the stitch with the first circumcision.

It's pretty obvious to Dr. David and myself that the only reason we had to do this "fine tuning" was due to Prince Albert hole popping open from urine pressure following the original circumcision. It then soaked the inside of the bandage with urine again and again, causing the sutures to partially dissolve. This time, a Foley (catheter) has been inserted for while I heal, thus preventing this problem from happening a second time! (Hey, this is a learning experience for all involved -- now the next person [if there is one] that wants a large Prince Albert hole closed up along with their circumcision, Dr. David knows what to do!)

Now, the question is -- is today my Day #1 all over again? Sure looks that way to me! I snapped a few NEW photos and posted them in the AC&R group in the "Chaz (Boston)" folder, in the NEW sub folder "4 - Following 2nd Procedure 08-APR-05", as I am essentially at Day #1 all over again today... Here is a photo from 09-April-2005 with my catheter in -- caution: graphic photo!

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