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STOP #1: March 17th (St. Patrick's day), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It had been a couple of years since visiting Ottawa. I met my ex lover (Alex Johnston's) new lover Andy Williams and we spent a long weekend together! Poor Alex had written directions from my visiting nurse on how to pack the hole on my back and apply the dressing -- yuck!

Other than going to the Market (a region of Ottawa just across the canal from Parliament hill) that is designated for bars, restaurants and night clubs -- we didn't go out much! We had a lot to chat about! Andy is a great guy, and we really bonded. We found many common interests and almost immediately felt like brothers!

On Saturday afternoon, the three of us went to visit Frank Sexton (sysop of The Pig Pen BBS/Website) -- Frank and I go waaaaayyyyyy back -- in fact, he introduced me to Alex originally at a Spearhead Run! We proceeded to have a 12-hour "red hanky" party! (See the hanky code for details...

Sunday was a recovery day from Saturday, and on Monday night I flew back to Boston... just in time to wash my clothes, see my visiting nurse, gather more supplies and re-pack for STOP #2...

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