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Three Weeks Of Updates are Coming Soon!

First and foremost: Thanks to fucking Yahoo, Inc. -- my NEW e-mail is and my new Yahoo IM account is MULTICOM4 -- E-mail for "life" is what Yahoo promised. I guess they lied.

Over the next week (or so), I will ATTEMPT to tell you all about my travels and conquests! If I was to post it in one big post now, it would take a DAY to read! I depart for Atlanta, GA once again this Thursday following work to see Dr. David Cornell on Friday afternoon for minor touch-ups needed to my circumcision to correct a couple tiny things; namely the Prince Albert hole that did not seal up all the way, and a minor "twist" of skin where I popped a stitch (thanks to urine leaking into the bandage from the PA hole while I was healing!)

Yahoo Groups in the process of being restored:

AC&R (Dr. David's group) ......
NEMO .......................................
Circumsexual ...........................

My bike is now on the road too!!! So that means even LESS time in front of the computer! I just completed my scheduling up to 02-JAN-2006. Almost every weekend I'm doing/going something/somewhere!!

Want a teaser? Here's one person out of many that I recently Gomco'ed! -- How about my recovery? It's looking really good!

Please help keep Star Trek: Enterprise on the air!!


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