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Fun, yet very relaxing wekend in Ottawa...

I went up to Ottawa, Ontario this past weekend to hang out with Alex Johnston (my ex-lover) and his new boyfriend Andy Williams. Alex and I split up in 1998 mostly due to changes in our lives and the distance involved -- but we still love each other deeply. His new boyfriend, Andy, is a great guy and we really hit it off well. I spent most of the weekend just relaxing and catching up with Alex, as well as getting to know Andy. We had a little 12 hour red-hankie play party at Frank's place, which rivaled the enjoyment I would get going to a leather run! (Thanks Frank!) I look forward to hosting Alex and Andy in Boston sometime soon.

Today, it was back to work. On Tuesday evening I take off to Oakland, California for a week to hang out with Brian. I haven't been to California since 1989! This should be an interesting trip!
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