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Sox & Jox!

I attended my first Sox & Jox Party last night with my new "equipment" (basically it's an orgy with white socks and jock straps being the focal point!) As you can see below, my new pecker was well received! There was only one down side.... So many men tugging on my pud, they managed to give me a friction burn!! Ouch! Next time, I need to ensure there's enough lube on it before they all start man-handling it! :-) I hope this not a common problem! It stings!

Hello Gentlemen,

Thank you to all the Hot men that attended this past Friday's Jox and Sox Party! It was a steamy night with all those hot men filling out their pouches! We had 30% more members in attendance than our Super Bowl Party!

The Winner, and "Best of Show" was Frank with the embroidered "Pig" JOCK. He simply stole the show guys! Check out a picture of him in our Photo section along with a whole new album of my favourite Jock Shots! Maybe I should re-name the group to Jox And Sox Huh? LOL He's got one hell of a Butt too! :)

Although, I have to say, Chaz Looked pretty Damn Hot in his Mechanics overalls and leather boots. We all got to check out his new and improved cock after his recent circumcision. It looked even nicer than the pictures he posted!

We missed all of you who couldn't be there, But we will be having another one in a few weeks.

My Jock is still musty and damp from a hot load I rubbed into it from one of our hot members! Woof!!


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