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Feeling no pain...

Well, I went to the doctor's yesterday in regard to the huge zit/lump/thing on my back. After they saw me, they immediately paged out to an oncall surgeon. They were afraid that the CD-ROM sized thing on my back could be "MRSA" (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus*), something that has been going around in the Massachusetts area lately and has been making people sick, and in some cases, even killing people!

I was operated on immediately and was then sent home with a fistful of prescriptions. If I do indeed have MRSA, the only way I could have gotten this was at Gold's Gym (I work out three times a week to get my Physical Activity Rebate from IBM.) :-( That's what I get for trying to live healthy!

I thought at MOST they would have given me a shot of antibiotics, or something and that I would be back to work. Nope. My back was shaved, cut open, stuff removed, packed with gauze and a "wick" was put in to help with draining. Until Monday a visiting nurse will be coming by to change my dressings, take my vitals and check on my progress. Obviously, I'm working from home (especially since I have an open wound on my back!) when the visiting nurse comes here on Monday, we will conference with my doctor and we'll figure our where we go from there...

Until then, I'm on the pain killers that were prescribed for my circumcision (my doctor was going to write another script for pain killers) so I spoke up and said that I already had a full jar at home! These pain killers are pretty strong -- I keep felling asleep sitting up at the keyboard!

Believe me, yesterday's surgery and recovery hurt a hell of a lot more than last month's surgery and recovery did!!

Following the unplanned surgery yesterday, I originally had plans to have dinner with Paul N. at his place. Since once the injections would be wearing off soon, and I would not be very comfortable, I called Paul and counter-offered that he come with me back to Quincy and we could do dinner and movies at my place. I had leftover Beef Stroganoff from Monday night's failed dinner party -- so it worked out well! We watched some of my favourite classics, "Fight Club" and "Donnie Darko" (The Director's Cut) as well as a few new ones: Margaret Cho (Revolution) and Mean Girls!

* If you're interested, here's a local news article about MRSA...

For years, killer staph germs were only found in hospitals. Now, similar super-bugs are turning up in locker rooms and on sporting equipment - even at a local high school. And what's worse...this gym germ is growing resistant to antibiotics. 7’s Randy Price has more on the story… College football star, Ricky Lannetti thought he had a simple stomach bug but it turned out to be much worse.

Theresa Lannetti, Ricky Lannetti's mother "They had all the doctors in there, and I thought, he's 21 years old, and he's strong and healthy, how can someone like that just get sick and die?"

By the time doctors knew what was wrong, it was too late. This is the "super-bug" that killed Lannetti. It's called MRSA - methicillin-resistant staph - and it's gaining strength. Doctors are having a difficult time predicting which antibiotics will stop it.

Right now, the Department of Public Health is tracking MRSA cases across the state.

Dr. Alfred Demaria, Mass. Dept of Public Health "The resistance is increasing and there's probably more of this out there then we recognized before."

If it's not caught in time, MRSA can kill. All the bug needs is an open wound for a potentially dangerous skin infection to set in. A tell-tale sign is a pimple or boil that spreads quickly.

Athletes in high-contact sports are most at risk. The St. Louis Rams, USC Trojans and UNH Wildcats all had outbreaks. Last fall, the bug struck 4 football players at Wayland High School.

Andrew, Wayland High School Student "I was kind of scared, because it started real small, then it spread over my entire knee."

Wayland special teams player, Andrew, said his infection began as a small pimple, then quickly progressed.

Andrew, Wayland High School Student "I got a really bad fever, and i couldn't walk, and my mom brought me to the hospital."

Dr. Simone Mordas, Wayland School Internist "I was shocked, really, that this many kids had the methicillin-resistant staph."

School officials sterilized the locker and weight rooms. All players were screened for the germ.

Charles Roupp, Wayland High School Principal "I was worried that we get to them quickly and solve the problem quickly."

While there have been outbreaks in school locker rooms, no outbreaks of MRSA have been reported in private gyms. That doesn't mean it's not here. Health officials say the germ can live in dirty towels and on workout equipment.

The experts stress: Don't share towels, or sports equipment, Use a barrier between your skin and shared equipment, Wipe gear down with sanitizing cloths, Wash towels and equipment in hot water, Don't use saunas or hot tubs when you have a cut or scrape, and Wash hands often. Keeping these in mind should keep your health routine - healthier.

For more information: CDC's web site on MRSA

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