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I begin my 3rd year in Boston today!

Well, let's start with the weekend and my road trip! I pulled into downtown Utica at 8:00pm on Sunday, February 13th to meet up with my friends from the Utica Tri's to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "That Place". It was a whimsical and last-minute trip idea. I had a good time there, and you can see a couple photos* from the event here. After leaving, I grew tired and pulled into a rest area on the NYS Thruway and what was going to be a little nap, turned into a three hour nap! I got home quite late, and quite exhausted! I ended up blowing off the first half of the work day because of it, but none the less, it was good to see my friends in Utica, even if it almost killed me from exhaustion physically!

* Note: This is the first time I've used LiveJournal's Galleries. Please let me know if you experience any problems with it! E-Mail me by clicking here!

And for the BIG news, today is my second anniversary of moving to Boston! It was two years ago today that I packed up the U-Haul with everything I cared to keep from my life and move to Bean-town! 24 months have flew by, and I've become very used to living here! My original work project was an 18-month deal, but when I hit that mark, I opted to continue with the open-ended arrangement.

I've made some major accomplishments since moving here, and have met a lot of GREAT people! My "baby", The Boston Bears has been doing very well, now with over 650 members and two barnights a month!! I've got an awesome housemate, Dennis Ford, and we get along just GREAT. We share a beautiful, spacious and quiet condo together! I've become used to the customer I support, and have no more anxiety with them anymore (although there are times they try my patience!) I scratched off a couple things of my "before I die to do" list. I bought a NEW motorcycle, I got circumcised, and next on the list is sky diving!

Looking back through my two-year old BLOG, I see a lot of times in the beginning where I was having difficulty adjusting being single and in a new town with no friends -- It's amazing just how far I've come! (Yes, I'm patting myself on my back! - I think I deserve it!)

Well, here's to the NEXT two years! May they be just as joyful and positive!

Please help keep Star Trek: Enterprise on the air!!


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