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The big catch-up...

Friday evening started off with Boston Bears' Happy Hour at the Alley -- always a good thing! I couldn't stay long though, as I had a dinner date with Fred, by mate from Paris who now lives in Cambridge, MA. He went all out! We listened to some really cool music, and then on to dinner -- appetizer was stuffed lobster on the half-shell (yum!), fresh bread and butter, a lovely vegetable medley and scallops in some sore of sauce! For desert, we had an assortment of fine cheeses and of course, wine throughout!

It was a delightful meal and a wonderful visit. Fred is a charming and caring person, whom I quite admire for his good taste, strong beliefs and gentle demeanor. (Not to mention that he's a cutie!) :-)

The next day, I headed up to Portland, Maine to visit a tattoo convention and to meet a new friend from California. I was going into this sight-unseen and was pleasantly surprised to discover all the strange similarities between him and me! (I thought I was one of the most perverted people I knew!, It's always nice to find someone that considers me "average"!) Due to his requested privacy I can not go into any level of detail (sorry, believe me, I would love to share it with you all, but I made a promise!)

Sunday night, of course, you know that the Patriots won the super bowl! That's great! Now Boston has both the world champion baseball team, as well as the world champion football team!

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