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Credit Card with any PHOTO of my choice on it?

I got a cute offer (below) from SNAPFISH, the folks that handle my digital photography, that says that I can have any photo superimposed onto a credit card!!

Well, you know what went through my silly head! With over 110 photographs of my recent circumcision, I could get a credit card with my cock getting cut! I could grin at the checkout person and say "charge it!" (or make some cute Lorina Bobbit comment.)

I was thinking of using THIS IMAGE* on a credit card... he he he "Let the fun begin" they say.... Har har har - you bet!!!

* WARNING: This link is extremely graphic!


You are steps away from applying for one of the best products on the market — the One of a CardSM Visa® from First National Bank Omaha.

The new One of a Card Visa is a credit card that features your favorite photo — your pet, your child, or even that fish you caught on vacation. If you have a digital photo or you scan a picture, you can design your Visa® Card. It lets you show your personality whenever you shop. Click here to begin applying for your One of a Card Visa.

Let the fun begin!
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