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Massage & Back To The Gym!

Ben B. is such a sweetheart! He came over this morning for a follow-up massage! I really enjoyed it, especially after working in the middle of last weekend moving servers! It made the rest of my day go by so much easier!! My work-day is spent 95% in front of a computer screen, my home life (in the winter) is also here in the electronic world... When, oh when will spring come??? I want to get on my motorcycle and ride, ride, ride!!!

I went for my normal Tuesday/Thursday workout today! That's a good sign that I'm healing up well! I only got two funny looks from folks at the locker room (probably due to my steri-strips, which make it pretty obvious what was done there just a mere 22 days ago!) -- In order to be "safe", I didn't use the sauna, steamroom or the jacuzzi. I really shouldn't be going in germ-ridden environments just yet!

Chaz' Grab Bag....

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
(Shockwave required)

Be sure to note the bunny when he bashes his head into the ground to the beat of the music! I was laughing quite hard at that!!! (Yes, I know it's kind of hokey, but it's cute dammit!)
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