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Bandages came off at 18:00!

Well, I was expecting the worst -- and I was still shocked. I was in a bit of a panic actually!

Once the bandages and the steri-strips came off, I discovered a 1cm segment that on the new circumcision scar that did not heal shut -- the stitch or steri-strip popped at some point, I guess. It looked as if one good chubby (erection) and the entire circ seam would pop open like a tube of Pillsbury dinner rolls! In addition, the frenulum area was also wide open underneath, looking very red and raw.

I had Paul snap a bunch of photos so I could immediately upload them to my doctor to review, then I called his cell phone to let him know what was going on. He wasn't near his computer, but would be in about 20 minutes.

Paul and I had dinner and awaited his call... He called back after reviewing the photos and said: "I told you it was going to look really, really bad... Actually, you are healing very well in my opinion -- the skin that appears to be separating is actually fine and it will heal without a problem. As far as the frenulum area, it will also heal fine -- it's the edema (swelling) that's causing it to look so awful. It will heal just fine and there's no need to panic." (A big sigh of relief on my end of the phone!) A similar situation happened with my scrotal area, and it's already looking much, much better! I trust his wisdom. Per his advice, I applied a few replacement steri-strips around the "popped" area to relieve tension from the seam -- but now that the bandage has been off for several hours; it's already looking a lot better...

Jacking off is out of the question for the next few days though -- it's just too tender and irritated right now. Maybe in the morning? Who knows?

Now that the bandages are off, I can feel all of my glans rubbing on my shorts; what a mind trip -- it's very sensual and strange, very ticklish! It's an odd feeling!

Photos of my "good side" are posted here (if you want to look) -- remember, these photos were taken fully flaccid -- you'll notice that there is NO bunching of the skin nor coverage at all now! WOW!!! I really did it, I really got circumcised high and tight!!

The healing is not over yet! There are a few weeks to go before it's looking "normal" still, which I already expressed that I understood...

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