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I couldn't risk it.... I changed the bandage a day early.

My compression bandage was in such sad shape, with black (dried blood) and gunk on it, that I feet it necessary to change it a day early. I don't want an infection to develop.

I washed and sterilized my hands, then I very carefully removed the Coban, layer by layer. After looking closely at the gauze layer, determined that it was also a mess. Sigh... I soaked the bandage with some water to loosen it up, then carefully removed it, ensuring all the sutures and steri-strips (although appearing loose) remained in place.

I didn't get a good look at things under the bandage due to the steri-strips; I was quite nervous and shaking while doing this. My main goal was to re-wrap it before getting an erection. I patted my penis down with a clean, dry cloth and then re-wrapped new sterile gauze back on it, followed by the last of the 3M Coban.

It's just about as tight than it was before, I don't want to take ANY unnecessary risks.

It already looks a lot better in the new bandage. I hope that all the activity I see happening around all the sutures is healthy healing going on... Sometimes it's really hard to tell!

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