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Well, part of me is home!! :-)

I am home, I got in about 11:30pm, but have just been overwhelmed with e-mails and yahoo chats from all my supportive friends and pals. I will be jotting down notes and thoughts in my blog about the experience; I have over 100 photos of the procedure itself (thanks to Joe S.!!) which are now online soon -- however, I need to review them before going public with the URL.

The entire procedure took 2 1/2 hours, about 90 minutes more than a normal circumcision (sleeve resection); but that's due to all the rest of the corrective work I had done!

I am doing well; although I'm a bit tender (read: sore) in spots. The first night was a little rough with morning rises every 1/2 hour or so -- I was shocked to see that Amyl Nitrate actually did lower my hard on!! Who knew!?!?

I will be posting the entire story here shortly...

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