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The Remainder of the Rochester Trip!

I'm glad that the rest of the trip was ENJOYABLE! Although I worked Monday thru Wednesday in Greece, NY, I managed to squeeze in a couple lunches with friends, including John Larish!

On Tuesday, after picking up Bruce from his job, we had a couple of drinks at the Bachelour Forum and then we went to get his hair cut at Daniel Ward Salon (where my ex-lover, Johnny works.) I was glad to see him and asked him if he was coming out to the bar Wednesday... he said maybe. ;-)

Wednesday was Bruce's last day at The Tile Room (his new job starts next week), as it was also the Rochester Rams' "Rape & Pillage" night at the forum, we had a couple reasons to celebrate! When we arrived at the bar, Johnny and Jackie were hanging out at their usual corner -- I spent most of the night with them catching up on things and just having fun. It was really cool to actually have a friendly conversation with Johnny, not just a "civil" one! I was very happy about this! They mentioned that Ministery was playing at Water Street Music Hall and indirectly invited me to join them!! I was ecstatic!

All day Thursday I was at my parent's home -- socializing, munching and rebuilding my dad and brother's computer systems. It went well, although there were a few shaky spots where the system would lock up. Later that evening, Johnny had invited me over to his house -- we spent five hours, just the two of us, dealing with all sorts of things that we've been doing, what was on our minds, etc. -- we also watched the new version of Peter Pan (very cool!!!) Again, John behaved like the person I originally fell in love with -- respectful, responsible and sweet. It was nice to see that he's doing better, even if his current relationship isn't.

On Friday I chilled out, ripped some CDs and then went to the Ministry concert with Johnny!! Jackie was ill, so it was just the two of us. The concert was great!! I went up front and joined in on the slam dancing (just about breaking a rib!) -- I guess I'm getting too old for that!! Was it loud you ask??? My ears JUST stopped ringing Sunday morning!!! Still, it was a great time!

Saturday morning, I was still oncall, but due to the concert, I put my phone/pager on vibrate and forgot to flip it back over and managed to sleep through several pages (tsk, tsk, tsk! -- Not good!!!) I slept late (until about 11am), woke up all groggy, looked at my phone, freaked, called into one of my teammates that took over coverage in my "mysterious absence" and resumed my work. I turned my phone up as loud as it would go, rolled over and slept some more! Later that night, Bruce and I met Terry at the Forum for a cocktail. To my surprise, my first lover, Raymond, was there! I hardly ever see him out (I think it's been about four years now!) -- we also caught up on all sorts of stuff. We've been apart for just over 20 years (time flies, eh?) Bruce and I stopped over at Tara's for one quick Karoke song and then went home.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with my friend and workmate Jim, his wife Aubry and their kids. Hank, the most recent addition is only two months old! It was nice seeing them all again! I never seem to have enough time to visit everyone I want to when I come home! I really thought this trip would be different, but alas, I spent a good portion of it reconciling with Johnny. After breakfast, I lugged my poor dying car back to my parents for a few final tweaks to their PC. As I headed up I-590, heading homewards, my car finally "bit the dust" on the highway; fortunately for me, within 1/4 mile from my friend Bob Foley, who helped me get to the airport to pick up a rental and to arrange for the donation of the car to the National Kidney Foundation.

I spent last night working on work-related problems until 4:00am, then got paged again at 6:30am -- so no pretty graphics and crap -- I'm tired. I'm heading home to get a nap and to look for a car.


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Dec. 1st, 2004 04:09 pm (UTC)
Sorry about your car
But I am still very glad that we got to have breakfast with you :)

The kids talked about you for the rest of the day - the kids even fighting over which one got to pretend to be you in the car on the way home :) You are a hit - want to babysit *grin*
Dec. 1st, 2004 04:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Sorry about your car
> Sorry about your car

It's just a car -- a replacement is in the works now.

> But I am still very glad that we got to have breakfast with you :)

I am too! I had great fun!

> The kids talked about you for the rest of the day - the kids even
> fighting over which one got to pretend to be you in the car on
> the way home :) You are a hit - want to babysit *grin*

ROFL! That's way too cute!

When NONE of them have diapers to change, I'll be more than happy to babysit! ;-) Distance is the only problem I foresee!

Dec. 1st, 2004 06:09 pm (UTC)
Ok, Jim gets to see you more than *I* do. *sniff*

Dec. 1st, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC)
Ok, Jim gets to see you more than *I* do. *sniff*
Well, that's not entirely true...

This is the first time out of work I've seen Jim since moving to Boston...

Dec. 1st, 2004 08:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Ok, Jim gets to see you more than *I* do. *sniff*
oh.. huh... *blush*

I'll just be quiet now. :)
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