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What a GREAT weekend!

I just got back from the Boston Bears' Men's Play Party at the Salt Ash Inn. I am glowing from the success of the entire event. We had a full house (almost 60 guys), and everything ran smoothly! No drama, no issues, no problems at all!!! We're going to do another party the weekend of December 10, 11 and 12 (one month before my circumcision [more on that in a minute!]) -- party details will be posted on later this week.

Having the food included on the weekend made things work so much better! Thanks Jordan!!! In addition, both play rooms were VERY active, and the addition of the new gloryhole wall was sweet! On Friday night, things started off kinda quiet; everyone was just getting to know each other as they were checking in -- I met a studly daddy-bear named John F. (yes, another John! -- Who knew?) who was chatting with folks about his sounds. I had never seen a set of sounds like his; they were capsule-shaped on thin rods; not uniform in thickness all the way down, nor tapered. Very sexy looking! I promptly volunteered for a demo (hey, I was one of the promoters of the event, I should take a bullet to help get the party started, right? ) After an hour of sounding in the play room, there was a queue of folks waiting to be next! The person after me had never experienced anything like it in his life before! John and I really clicked well, and we spent a lot of the weekend together. We had guests from as far away as Manitoba, Canada! There was truly not a boring moment at all.

Okay, now on to the "what the fuck is going on in Chaz' head" department. Many of you are well aware that I have always been against routine infant circumcision (RIC) -- I still feel this way. I am still not happy with RIC; so don't take the fact that I am getting circumcised as a change of mind! I think that people should have a choice not only in their right to have a foreskin, but also to choose how they want it performed and how it should look, should they want it done! Now that that air is cleared, many of you also know that I have a strong fetish involving circumcision, foreskin and genital modifications. So, what better way to go through your mid-life crisis? ;-)

I have moved up my and confirmed my appointment at The Circumcision Centre for Monday, January 10th, 2005. It will be performed at either 09:00AM or 01:00PM (depending on Dr. David) I have been investigating this procedure for many, many years; but have been unsatisfied with the results I have seen. For the first time ever, I have found a doctor that I feel confident with, and believe that truly cares that the results are satisfactory to the patient. In addition, the "style" of his circumcisions is fucking hot!! (You can check his work out HERE -- look in the photos area.)

I have also spoken (e-mail, chat and on the phone) with almost a dozen of Dr. David Cornell's former patients; all of whom state that he knows his practice, and that they are all very happy with the results he has given them. This really added to my confidence level in actually going through with this. When I'm done, I would expect the results to look similar to IV's circumcision on in the "DC's Patients" photos folder on the Adult Circumcision and Revision Yahoo Group. Of course, everyone's results are unique -- but I can hope!!

Well, my circ date is 70 days away; I appreciate the letters of support and encouragement I have been getting (heck, even the ones that say "you're nuts" have been fun to reply to!) If you want to chat with me about this more, please e-mail me and I'll go into details, otherwise, I won't make those with sensitive stomachs lose their lunch...

Have a great week!

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