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The new bike is home!

At 5 PM 04/27/2004, I arrived at Andersen Cycleworks to sign the papers and take ownership of my new 2004 Yamaha Road Star! By 6 PM, I started up my new bike and drove it home! As anyone who knows me, and my bizarre luck, after being on the road for about 15 miles, the rain came and doused me while I was in heavy traffic on I-90 (Mass Pike.) What a way to "break in" a new bike!! This bike is BIG and HEAVY.

My first motorcycle was a red Yamaha Maxim, 400cc -- which took me, Mark Groaning, Walt Dyer and several others on many long distance trips -- until a drunk rear-ended my motorcycle on East Avenue, turning the bike's frame into a pretzel. It was in the shop for repairs for just over 4 months to repair it. It's name was "Studley", named by Walter. It served me well for three years before I sold it to John Thompson. There was a month where I owned two working bikes!

My next bike was "Junior, a 1984 Yamaha Virago. It was formerly owned, for a short time, by Jenny & Sue (a famous dyke couple in Rochester) - I always took a lot of ribbing from friends about it being a lesbian motorcycle. Junior, although failing health towards its final years, always served me well. Junior ran for the last time April 16th, 2004. She was only 20. Not even old enough to drink... :-( -- I sincerely hope someone buys it and fixes it. She was a great bike.

And, yes! The photo on the left is exactly what my new bike looks like. Same colour, same options, same everything -- except that the VIN number is different. (Several folks have asked i the photo is my bike, or a stock photo. It is a stock photo, but it is my bike: A 2004 Yamaha Road Star Midnight Edition Silverado.) Click HERE to see it from 360'!! My bike is the one on the LEFT. Yes, I have been a proud Yamaha rider all of my life.

Read the "Popular Mechanics" review of my bike!


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