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Return from Rochester

As I stated in my last entry, I was on my way to Rochester for Kelley and Lani's wedding. I arrived safe, around 21:00. After the 6.5 hour drive, I needed a drink, so I stopped in to the Bachelor Forum for a quick one to take the edge off... Quick it was! I was outta there in about 10 minutes and on my way to Bruce's!

I arrived safe at Bruce's home about 21:30 -- after catching up on current local events, we watched some TV and crashed -- Friday morning I was working in my old location in Greece, NY. It was nice to see all my workmates and friends. Even my pal Jim Dziak came in with his wife, two kids and newborn son "Hank." How very cool! That afternoon, we had a three-department Oktoberfest party across the street!

Friday night, Bruce and I went to Kelley's wedding. It was beautiful! Both families were there (Kelley's and Lani's), which is so nice to see nowadays! I even got to see Jake who was a lot bigger than the last time I saw him! Kids grow like weeds, eh? For those of you who don't know Kelley, she's the only female that could get me to "change teams" -- we're like peaches & cream together. She's one of my closest friends, and has always been there for me. I was so happy to see her tying the knot with someone that truely loves and respects her.

Following the wedding, Bruce and I headed to Tara's for karaoke night! We both got time to do two songs each. I got to sing "Amazed" by Lone Star, to which I got quite a round of applause! I've been wanting to do this song for some time, but was afraid of the high notes. I guess I did well! I also sang my old standby "Elenore Rigby" by Godhead. It was a little harder than the crowd at Tara's was used to! A good time was had by all... Bruce sang "Towing The Line" and another song, which I forget the name of right now. We took off when it got a bit to busy for us. We went back to Bruce's home and walked to Casey Jones, a neighbourhood bar three blocks from Bruce's house. Although a straight bar, this place was fun! We hung out until last call! Bruce even tried to refuse a beer at 2:08, mark that date down in your calendars!

Saturday was upon us; after a brief visit with my parents, Bruce and I headed to Wegmans (a grocery store in New York) to buy all sorts of munchies for an impromptu party at his home prior to barnight. We bought enough food for about 30 people, only about 10 showed up... Oh well, it was a nice idea. The quality of the people that actually came outweighed the quantity. Bruce's roommate, Dave, who is the new Rochester Rams' pledge was the first to leave for Barnight -- he had a busy night of work ahead of him. Bruce, Steve and I were the last to leave. We needed to make a few purchases on the way to the bar anyways!

After picking up seven Baby Ruths, and a personal item for Bruce (he he he), we arrived at the bar! Bruce and Steve were frolicing around in the car so much that Steve made a mess in his jeans and didn't want to come into the bar. Such a shy boy! I entered right away to say hello to my club brothers before it got too busy -- good thing too, as within an hour, you could not get to the bar due to the crowd. I guess you're wondering what the Baby Ruths bars were for, huh? Well let me tell you... Taking a Baby Ruth and rolling it around in my hand (inside the wrapper) until it was soft -- then laying down an Empty Closet newspaper (the local Rochester, conservative gay/lesbian newspaper) on the floor, squeeze out the Baby Ruth onto it (looking like a nasty turd.) Then I would call over the pledge to clean up the mess -- with his mouth. The crowd, most of whom didn't know any better, were just a tad grossed out! -- Mission accomplished. Now repeat it six more times in other locations! He he he!!

Bruce and I ended up leaving early, as there were far too many people the bar. It just wasn't fun anymore with three times the occupancy limit in the place, and 2/3rds of them not even being "leathermen." *SIGH* If I were still a full member of the Rams, I would not allow that to happen... I would put a velvet rope outside, and when the bar was full (based on occupancy) would deny entry until other people left! Then to make it pretty clear to the fluff-queens that this was a leather bar, I would select leathermen to enter from the queue, just as they do in New York City at popular clubs, leaving the disco-bunnies outside. Its a sad state of affairs when the real leathermen leave the bar because it's overrun by these non-leather fags in their A/X clothing and Nike sneakers.

On Sunday morning, while drinking my morning coffee and reading my e-mail opened a letter from Paul Rose that stated that Jeff Arnold (photo on the left) has passed away from a heart attack on October 15th. Jeff, the current treasurer of Empire City Motorcycle Club, and I were friends for many years. I was really heartbroken to hear the sad news. Jeff was a major cornerstone of E.C.M.C. and was one of their most active members. If you have ever gone to ECMC's Toys for Tots (held the first weekend of December each year), Jeff was the person you bought your tickets from, and you saw him at the party running around making sure everything ran smoothly. He will be missed my many, especially his lover Paul.

I quietly drove home that afternoon...

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