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Getting prepared for my next trip...

Well, once again the weekend is coming up -- I will be leaving for Rochester tomorrow at 15:00. I will work in Rochester (Greece, NY) Friday morning, then attend a company outing (Octoberfest); and when that's over head to my friend Kelley's wedding!

Other than Kelley's wedding, my weekend in Rochester is unplanned, which will be a nice change from my previous trips where everything has been planned down to the minute! ;-)

Saturday, October 16th is Rochester Rams' Barnight -- I'm sure to be found there from 21:30 - 02:00... Sunday I go back home (to Boston)

Other news: I've changed the layout of my LiveJournal (you'll only see then changes from my journal, not if you're viewing this with a "friends" list) and am using an offline editor (due to the two crashes that caused me to lose all my work last week!)

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