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Mass Red Ribbin Ride - Photos

Photos from the Mass Red Ribbin ride are now online at SnapFish!

Looking for me? I'm the shirtless guy in the third row back...

Also.... If you're a fan of the Toolbox in Toronto -- it closed the weekend of the Rams Run. This is the SECOND time the bar closed (formerly known as the 18 East) -- I was there for the first closing; but not for the second one. There was a cover charge of $10 to attend the closing party and the line went around the corner in the rain... The building (Simcoe House) is to be torn down for yet more condos (like Toronto needs even more!!)

There are rumours flying that the Toolbox shall rise again; however, considering Matt and Bob's age and the amount of work required to do it all again, I doubt it. In any case, since being gay and moreover, being a gay leatherman is now socially acceptable in Toronto, Church Street has been catering to all the needs of the community -- from Woody's and The Black Eagle, to Priape and newly renovated Steamworks...

Photos of the last people to grace the Toolbox party...

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