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Back in Toronto!

We arrived in Toronto last night -- Jack Pierce is our host, along with us is Al Rizzo, Tom Johnson, Bob Kirsop, Steve (from Chicago), and a few others... My good friend, Pierre Garigue and his lover Eric met up with us, and we went to dinner at "Spring Rolls" on Younge Street. Great place, great food!

Tom, Bob, Al, Steve and I went to the Black Eagle for a beer -- surprise! Johnny's photos are still up on the wall on the 1st floor of the Black Eagle! I passed the message on to him via Bruce. I'm sure he's happy to know there's a part of him in Toronto; even if he can't come up here to visit...

Al, Steve and I checked out the new Steamworks Bathhouse. WOW! This is the fanciest tubs I've ever seen! All new construction, amazing locker & shower area -- it looks like a work of art. My old haunt, the Barracks, is going to have a tough time competing with this place, just one block from the Eagle! Basic weekday prices are $10 lockers/$20 rooms.

Well, we're all packed and ready to leave for Haliburton... Time to leave my hijacked WiFi connection and all remnants of technology behind for the long weekend! (Of course, I'll search for hotspots in any case! You never know! hee hee hee)

Spearhead Run, here we come!!!

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