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Chaz Update & Dr. Who

Yes, I'm still alive!! 716.3 miles to and from Kintnersville, Pennsylvania. A grand total of 7200 miles on the new bike since getting it in April. Although The Pocono Warriors' "100 Men In The Woods" didn't have quite 100 men this year (they had 84), and combined with the fact that evening temperatures dipped into the 40s, I'm happy to say that it did not stop the festivities!

Again, I am only in Boston for a few days -- (Humming "On The Road Again"); this weekend is the Mass Red Ribbon AIDS Ride across Massachusetts, and then I'll be back to prepare for the Rochester Rams' Run (Dresden, NY) and Spearhead Run (Haliburton, Ontario, Canada)

It's been a great year indeed! I've managed to keep a good work/life balance, I've been able to travel all over the country, I've got a new motorcycle (that I love), a great roommate and a new home!! There have been times where I've felt that I should "pinch myself" to see if this is a dream... That hasn't been the case for many, many years (if at all!!)

I'll post more later, when allowed by time.

Dr. Who in the news -- I'm anxiously awaiting his return!

BBC confirms Daleks will battle Doctor Who
By Lester Haines
Published Wednesday 4th August 2004 14:27 GMT

The Daleks will be appearing in the new series of Doctor Who after all, the BBC has confirmed. The news comes after a prolonged campaign in support of the homicidal salt cellars by Who aficionados which attracted high-profile backing from UK tabloid the Sun.

The BBC says that artistic differences between the Corporation and the estate of Dalek creator Terry Nation have been resolved. Speaking for Terry Nation's estate, Tim Hancock enthused: "I am absolutely delighted that the Terry Nation estate and the BBC have been able to reach agreement on terms for the use of the Daleks in the new Doctor Who series. We look forward to working closely with the production team in the forthcoming months."

The galavanting Time Lord - played by Christopher Eccleston - returns to our screens in 2005. Former pop chanteuse Billie Piper will be the doctor's assistant Rose Tyler.

Daleks to sprout legs
By Lester Haines
Published Monday 9th August 2004 11:25 GMT

Doctor Who fans are in for a special treat when the new series hits the screens - Daleks with legs.

The BBC is considering solving the greatest challenge facing the trundling terminators: that of climbing a simple flight of stairs. What's more, the new-look salt cellars may also have the ability to fly.

Tim Hancock, spokesman for the estate of Daleks creator Terry Nation, told UK tabloid the Sun: "We all accept that the Daleks were designed in the early Sixties and need to be updated. They have got to be able to move, be mobile, but they have also got to retain the initial look of the original Daleks about them."

Naturally, this being the Sun, the paper's Photoshop jockeys have been busy grafting various sets of possible legs on the Daleks, including those of a Hobbit. This extreme silliness can be enjoyed here.

Daleks invade New York
By Lester Haines
Published Monday 5th July 2004 10:49 GMT

New York residents are today contemplating how close they came to "extoimination" after the Sun draped a Dalek in the flag of St George and let it loose in Times Square.

The UK tabloid has launched a laudable campaign to demand that the Daleks be allowed to participate in the forthcoming relaunch of Dr Who. Negotiations between the BBC and the estate of the late Terry Nation regarding editorial control last week broke down, resulting in the stairphobic salt-cellars stropping off back to their home planet.

The New York invasion came hot on the heels of an earlier protest in Southampton.

One outraged Big Apple local is quoted as saying: "How can deez guys at da BBC dump da Daleks? Dat’s ridiculous. Dey need extoiminating." Another chipped in: "I grew up watching the Daleks. It’s hard to believe a race hellbent on galactic domination will let a few suits at a TV company stop them."

Quite so. It appears that the BBC now faces a powerful alliance of malevolent machine and tabloid muscle, although rumours that the Sun will feature a week of topless Daleks on Page 3 (Davros, 21, from Skaro), remain unconfirmed.

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