Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Seventeen Years Ago Today...

This started as a comment to another LiveJournal user's entry about Cicada bugs -- I felt it was worthwhile as a post of it's own...

17 years ago, 1987, I was...

I was working at E.A.S. (Electronic Accounting Systems) on a Honeywell mainframe computer, the data for which we entered into a Nixdorf mid-range computer system in the keypunch room. E.A.S. is where Thomas Golisano, founder and CEO of Paychex, Inc first started working with corporate payroll systems! (see note below.)

I was with my first lover, Ray Yeaton; whom I had just met a year prior. We were to break up November 19th, 1987.

It was my first year in the "leather community", and as a member of Trident Rochester. I was hanging out at the Bachelor Forum (when it was on Main Street & Goodman Street) with members of the Rochester Rams.

My first trip EVER to Ottawa was June 5-7, 1987 -- little did I know I would be spending seven years with a lover in Ottawa, Ontatio only a mere four years later...

These were the days BEFORE the internet existed (as we know it); and I had been running Multicom-4 BBS (then known as just "Multicom") with the help of Hurdon (Randy) Hastings. Multicom-4 was a gay bulletin board system (hence my nickname "mc4bbs") -- it wouldn't be a multiple line system until 1990. Multicom-4 was one of the first ISPs in Rochester, and sported 164 incoming k56flex modems until we shut it off April 16, 1999.

Two years and two months from May 29th, 1987 I was opening Rochester's first gay leather store with Walt Dyer, Rochester Custom Leathers. I ran R.C.L. until I sold it in 1999. It;s now called Outlandish Video & Gifts.

* Golisano, 61, founded Paychex in 1971. The company went public 12 years later in 1983. On the 20th anniversary of Paychex going public, the company hit the billion-dollar mark in revenues at the end of fiscal 2003. His first full-time job was at Lincoln First Bank. From there, he went to Alfred State College, and after that he worked at Monroe Savings Bank, Burroughs Corp. and then Electronic Accounting Systems Inc. as a payroll processor focused on large businesses. It was at EAS that he developed his idea of providing payroll services for businesses with 100 or fewer employees. After EAS twice turned down the idea, Golisano left to start Paychex.

(As a result, EAS went out of business in 1987 because they did not listen to Tom.)


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