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New Version of Kazaa Lite

Kazaa Lite Revolution is the new version of Kazaa Lite. Kazaa Lite K no longer functions properly and if you are a Kazaa Lite user, you need to upgrade.

Just when you thought the Kazaa Lite project was dead, it's back and stronger than ever.

Breaking News all over the net is that Kazaa Lite 2.60 is not only being developed, but a release candidate has been issued.

Rumor is that Random Nut is back and has developed a little executable program called KLR.EXE (Kazaa Lite Revolution.) The many benefits of this program include launching the Kazaa client without many of the processor eating dll files.

Others have taken this file and incorporated it with a clean version of Kazaa 2.60 along with many of the tools to enhance the program.

More information is available at: The Offical Kazaa Lite Forum, the help file is located here.

In other news, Corvette (Derek) seems to have decided to pull out of everyone's life for no apparent reason, including the Imperial Court. I don't know what the issue is, nor does anyone else. I'm going to let "sleeping dogs lie" until he feels it is time to explain his actions.
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