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My "BLOG" Can Drink Now!

It's hard to believe that my LiveJournal BLOG is 21 years old!

After moving to Boston 15 February 2003, the day after Valentine's Day, I discovered that unlike Ottawa, Toronto, Rochester or New York City, it was difficult to make friends in Beantown.  Everyone was suspicious of anyone that they hadn't known all their lives.  At first I was told I was trying too hard and others said it would take at least three years to establish friends in New England — that's just the way they are.  Well, after I unpacked in my new digs, and reported to my new job at Starwood (as an IBMer) I spent the next few weeks trying to buck that belief!  I went to the leather bar (RamRod) and the new bar (The Alley) and attended events put on by the New England Bears as well as Boston Riders (a motorcycling club in Boston) in both cases I found they weren't outgoing at all and would avoid me.  A fine welcome indeed!  

In March 2003, I decided to "lead by example" and founded the Boston Bears (which is still going today!).  Massachusetts does not allow "drink specials" at bars, therefore there are no "happy hours" — but that wouldn't stop me!  We started hosting after-work happy hours every Friday, even though there was no drink specials and we also hosted a monthly barnight!

In late March 2004, a year after moving to Boston, I started a blog as a diary to track my feelings, activities and aspirations.  It was designed to be therapeutic and I never really expected many people to read it.  I was surprised at the number of people who did and replied to my entries!  Amazing!

Some people got upset with just how honest I was when I wrote about them in my blog, but they were all pretty cool about it later on.  I moved away from LiveJournal when everyone seemed to move to faceplant (facebook) and twitter, but since there have been some draconian censoring and punishments on both platforms, I have returned here when I want to post something that facebook or twitter might take down or suspend me over (mostly pointing out the general stupidity and hypocrisy of Trump voters).

So for those of you who've been along for the ride for 21 years, I thank you!  Now I need to take my blog out for it's first beer.  Oh shit.  The bars are closed.  :-( 


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