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  • Mon, 15:08: @realDonaldTrump -- face facts. You're in over your head. Resign and let the ADULTS manage the recovery of this country.
  • Mon, 15:09: RT @InFamous_cHaOs: Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly is latest Trump henchman to disrespect our military service members. I cannot fully…
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    Exciting news is on the horizon... As usual, I'm busier than the proverbial one-armed paper hanger. After getting home from England and Germany,…

  • New Hampshire Anti-Motorcycle Bills

    On Thursday, January 28th, representatives from the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) joined their counterparts from the New Hampshire…

  • Where have I been? Where am I going?

    GBBB12 Great British Bear Bash! After recovering from my UK trip (London, Salisbury, Bath, Cardiff, Nottingham and then Manchester for the…

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