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COVID-19 at the Conservative Political Action Confence

HEADLINE: Matt Gaetz, Who Mocked Coronavirus by Wearing Gas Mask on House Floor, Is Now in Quarantine! The Trump-loving congressman had been joking about COVID-19 since CPAC, where he was exposed to an attendee who tested positive.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) announced on Monday that he is quarantining himself after being informed that he came into contact with an attendee of the Conservative Political Action Conference who tested positive for COVID-19. Gaetz, a Trump loyalist known for orchestrating outlandish stunts to get media attention, mocked coronavirus last week by wearing a gas mask onto the House floor to vote for an emergency spending bill to combat the virus.

Thoughts and prayers!!! (Snarky laugh)

I hope it spreads like wildfire through the conservatives and their elected representatives and wipes a lot of these geezers who are out of touch with reality off the face of the planet. This includes Trump, Mitch, Pence and the rest... rest in peace!
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