Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

It was 40F today, and took the bike into work! Yea!!! Too bad it felt like 15F with the wind chill on my hands and face!! I think I'll wear my gloves on the way home!

I go this spam in my mailbox today, and just started laughing... how many desperate guys actually visit these websites??

=== Hey you! This is awkward for me, as I am usually a big bar hopper and lush who loves to
=== have one night stands reguarly. I am truly not a slut, I just love to live life as a women should.
=== Women are just as horny as men ;) I have just joined this site ** FindANewLover ** and am
=== looking for new fuck partners to join me on my weekend escapades. I am tried of clubs and
=== want to enjoy new and exciting things. If this is you, please head on over to
=== ~~ FindANewLover ~~ and look me up. I am the beautiful blonde, with the big rack and pic
=== included in my profile ;)

(Note: She is not "truly" a slut -- that makes it all better!) he he he he -- how _do_ they get _my_ e-mail address? Dad - are you doing this to convert me? ;-) Loose blonde females with big racks won't do it... sorry.

Countdown to Saint Maarten ... 8 days, 13 hours, 53 minutes and 8 seconds

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