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  • Mon, 14:38: RT @2AvSagas: A question I have arising out of the MTA Board meeting: Does the MTA care that ridership - especially on buses - is tanking?…
  • Mon, 14:40: RT @BernieSanders: The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world and incarcerates African Americans at more than five times the…
  • Mon, 14:41: RT @lolitapop9: Still shaking. I heard a loud crash while I was coming up the escalator at 5thAv/53rd St and saw this right in front of me.…
  • Mon, 14:42: This would be really bad... Especially for New York and California!
  • Tue, 12:01: This is bad... Encrypt all the things WITHOUT any backdoors!
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